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City Chambers and Howies Waterloo – Ruth and Alec’s Wedding Photography

It all started at The Place!

It was a stunning day from start to finish. Based in a few central locations with the City Chambers for their ceremony and the unique Georgian dining hall of the Howies Waterloo restaurant for their wedding breakfast. The bridal preparations were based at the luxurious The Place hotel in York Place. The groom and the guys were getting ready and meeting their guests at the Radisson Blu Hotel.

I met the bride at The Place in mid morning. It was just Ruth, her best friend and a bridesmaid Claire and their mums. Ruth had her make up and hair done while I was taking photographs of the stunning dress and their carefully chosen wedding accessories. Jo Malone, Vivienne Westwood, Swarovski, personalised candle and those golden shoes! A glass of champagne or two, gentle music and lots of lots of laughter.

Meanwhile at the Radisson Blu Hotel…

The boys were getting ready less than a mile away from the girls. When I arrived at the Radisson Blu, they ware welcoming their guests and had the best of times. A quick few shots of Alec and his guys in front of the hotel and we headed to the City Chambers of Edinburgh. A lovely walk down the Royal Mile and into the beautiful courtyard of this historic building.

Here comes the Bride!

The ceremony started just after 1pm. Ruth was fashionably late by just a few minutes. The guests were ready for her and she was ready to get married to her best friend. To say that she was glowing would be an understatement. Her wide smile and bright eyes would lit up any room.  She looked radiant. Walked down the aisle, proud, happy, radiant. Alec couldn’t stop smiling, he shed a tear or two, the happiest of men.

The ceremony was short and beautiful. We headed for our formal photograph just after. Royal Mile, St Giles Cathedral, Parliament Square. Alec and Ruth booked the Howies Waterloo near Calton Hill for their wedding breakfast. The traditional Scottish food was beautiful. With the restaurant being so centrally located, we took advantage of the surrounding views and the gentle light of the setting day to take some extra photographs in the early evening.

Wedding reception and first dance

Ruth and Alec never stopped smiling. I’m pretty sure they ended up with sore cheeks, but the set of photographs I got proves that enjoying every second of your wedding is possible. Being stress free on one of the best days of your life is definitely the key.

For the wedding reception and evening dancing we moved back to The Place. In the romantic atmosphere of this gently lit reception hall of the hotel the newlyweds welcomed their evening guests. The party started and I believe it still lasts…

The wedding season of 2020 is now officially open!

I’m writing this blog with a yearly delay. Today is Ruth and Alec’s first anniversary. I remember posting a sneak peak after their wedding and saying proudly that we had now opened the wedding season of 2020. It was going to be such a busy year. None of them happened in its original shape of form. In fact, Ruth and Alec’s wedding was one of the last occasions where we were allowed to meet in larger groups, cuddle and kiss with no restrictions. It was my last wedding before Scotland went into a full lockdown in March. It was my last wedding in such capacity. But we enjoyed every second of it! We loved being close, with no masks or sanitisers. That kind of freedom seems unreal now and we miss it so much, but looking out the window today and seeing so much beauty and sunshine, I’m feeling positive and hopeful. We’ll meet, cuddle, kiss and shake hands again.

It’s their First Wedding Anniversary!

Huge, huge congratulations to the loveliest Ruth and Alec. They said “Despite the year we’ve all had, we have had a great first year of married life!”. I was honoured to be there for them and to be able to capture one of many days of their happiness. Huge hugs, lots of love, health and smiles!

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