Leo’s Baptism – Valencia Family Photographer

Valencia Wedding photographer

Valencia Family Photographer

Leo’s First Birthday and his Baptism was celebrated in the Spanish Benifaio and Valencia. A wonderful family occasion, the first big celebration of the new life. One of the happiest moments and one of those that can so easily go by in a blur. It was an absolute pleasure being a part of this very special day.  

I’ve known Leo since he was still in his mummy’s tummy. I was honoured to be asked to take a baby bump session for the expecting young family: Daria, Jose and their adorable pup Hugo. When Leo was born I was delighted to be asked to document first moments of baby Leo’s life during our life-style new-born session.  In May it was Leo’s first birthday and his baptism. A wonderful occasion celebrated in Leo’s dad’s country, Spain. A very special occasion with very special guests. Four generations, family and friends from four countries. Laughter, love, tears of joy, excellent Spanish food and lots of sunshine. The authentic moments of devotion, tradition and happiness. Have a look and feel the energy, I hope the images will do the talking.

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Valencia Wedding photographer
Valencia Wedding photographer

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Benifaio, Spain

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