Torrance Hotel Glasgow Wedding Photography

Torrance Hotel Glasgow Wedding Photography – Doreen and Chi

Torrance Hotel Glasgow Wedding Photography

Wedding reception at Torrance Hotel Glasgow

Do and Chi at their stunning Torrance Hotel Wedding. There’s nothing like spontaneous weddings! I’ve had a few of them and all of them were a total success! So was Doreen and Chi’s quiet, beautiful wedding celebration. The bride to be messaged me just a short time before the wedding. It was all to happen on the last Wednesday of March. We exchanged a few phone calls, planned the details and both looked forward to the day.

Cold and windy, but sunny and bright wedding day

The day arrived, slightly cold, slightly rainy, slightly windy. It’s Scotland, after all, end of the winter. I arrived at the hotel quite early to get myself a chance to look around the hotel. I had been there before, but only recently, it was beautifully redone. I sat at the bar, had a cup of coffee, gathered my thoughts, set up my equipment …
The guests started to arrive around half an hour before the ceremony. I took some photos of the occasional laughs and greetings. Twenty minutes before the ceremony, it’s normally the best time for me to find the groom. By then he’s normally ready for photos. By then his groomsmen and ushers would have arrived too. Chi didn’t look nervous. He was confident with his decision and couldn’t wait to see his Bride. I asked him to come outside of the hotel to take a few pictures with his groomsmen and closest family.
A few moments before the ceremony I was ready for the Bride. She came out of the room and looked beautiful! I took a couple of photos of her and her Dad and quickly went into the ceremony room. She entered. Magical, Peaceful, Memorable minutes. The amazing love in his eyes. Their world stopped for a short while…

Formal wedding photographs in the garden

The ceremony was nice and short. A few tears shed. A few smiles on the family member’s faces. They said ‘yes’ and kissed. They got married.
As husband and wife they had a quick sip of Champaign and we decided to go outside for a few shots. Did I mention it was slightly cold? It wasn’t. It was very cold. But we managed to take a few photos at the hotel gazebo and gardens. It was now time to take photos of the bride and groom’s family and friends. We decided to take them in the warm, inviting and cosy foyer. We finished our photography with taking photos of the couple in their honeymoon suite.
What a beautiful and special day for Doreen, Chi, all their family and friends, but also for myself having the pleasure of being a small part of it.



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