Jules & Ched – Ghillie Dhu Wedding

Ghillie Dhu Wedding
Stunning Jules and Ched’s Ghillie Dhu wedding. You never go wrong if you wake up to the best day of your life with the best of smiles and utter happiness. Getting ready for the biggest excitement yet, surrounded by the best people you have. Sipping every single minute like the most lavish champagne. Cherishing this moment, like they did. It was a gorgeous, sunny day in the late November. Jules and Richard got married at the most charismatic Ghillie Dhu. 

‘I’d love the photos to show the dark, moody and dramatic sky’ she said… We woke up to the most beautiful and sunny November day. There was not a cloud upon us or no dramatic skies… ‘Oh my goodness – I can’t thank you enough!!! We love love love them ALL… You truly are incredible justina xxx’, she said, when she received the whole wedding collection and photo album. There’s nothing like a very happy bride. 

Julie Condie MUA 
 Ghillie Dhu wedding
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