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Edinburgh City Chambers Wedding – Rachael and William

Edinburgh City Chambers Wedding – Black Wedding Dress

It all started here, Edinburgh City Chambers Wedding

What is most important on your wedding day? Yes, marrying your best person, your rock – the one who pushes you when you have no more strength, the one who gives you a foot massage when you can’t walk anymore. Furthermore, it would be the person who spontaneously makes you a cuppa and the one you cannot live without.

An equally important aspect of the wedding is undoubtingly the wedding dress! Indeed, brides dream about it, stress over it, and fall in love with it – it’s something that will emphasize your personality. As a matter of fact, Rachael found the perfect gown to suit her bridal style: a stunning, statement black dress.

, Edinburgh City Chambers Wedding – Rachael and William 
Edinburgh City Chambers Wedding

Black wedding dress – A touch of luxury and sophistication

While black may not be a colour typically associated with weddings, the sophistication it oozes is absolutely striking! Without a doubt, Rachael is an individualist and exactly knows what she wants. Therefore, her dress wasn’t a total surprise. Consequently, she chose a black, strapless dress with a substantial train and a cape – an evident statement of a gown! As a matter of fact, as we strolled through the Royal Mile, not a head remained unturned. Being that, Rachael’s wedding ensemble was beautifully complemented by a unique bouquet and headpiece crafted by Will’s grandmother.

Equally, William wore a traditional Scottish kilt with a unique, handmade boutonniere. However, he’s biggest attribute was the smile he gave Rachael, when he first saw her and throughout the day. With this intention, together, they epitomized our ultimate style icons!

Prestonfield House Hotel – Wedding Drinks and Reception

After the ceremony at the Edinburgh City Chambers and our photo session around the Royal Mile and St Giles Cathedral, we headed to Prestonfield House Hotel to continue the celebration! Furthermore, the sounds of the Piper, the confetti, the flowing champagne, and the beautifully decorated tables created an enchanting atmosphere. We decided to take an advantage of the beautiful interior here at Prestonfield, and took some more photographs to capture the joyous moments.

Here, at one of the Rhubarb Restaurant’s table, William had once proposed to his soulmate. She obviously said yes, and in consequence, they were now celebrating their marriage in the same place where their journey toward this beautiful union began.

The start of a new chapter – Edinburgh City Chambers Wedding

With a drinks reception, adorned with beautiful handmade dinner table decorations and thoughtful favours, a delicious cake, and exquisite food shared with their dearest friends and family, this intimate gathering was filled with laughter and nothing but positive vibes. Indeed, it was a wonderful start to the rest of their lives together.

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Edinburgh City Chambers Wedding Edinburgh City Chambers

Prestonfield House Hotel Edinburgh

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