Paul and Clare Dalhousie Castle Wedding, Edinburgh

I met Paul and his best man at Lothian Chambers. We soon were joined by the rest of the party. Just a handful of wedding guests all the way from Ireland.  We took the standard guys photos in the Parliament Square and arriving guests. The party soon moved to one of the prepared ceremony rooms. The bride was just about to arrive.
After taking some pictures of the guests, I went back downstairs to wait for the wedding car to arrive. Clare wasn’t late. A beautiful wedding car is always a big deal for the Edinburgh tourists. It was no different this time. The bride looked sensational. Beautiful, classy and overwhelmingly happy. I took some candid pictures of Clare in the car and then of her coming out of the car. The bride with her Dad were ready to enter.
I joined Paul and the wedding party and took some photos of them being highly nervous. It’s good to be nervous. After all it’s the most important moment of your life, or at least one of the most important ones. Paul was a bit nervous too, but the jokes and laughter weren’t ending. Just before Clare entered, her daughter Melanie started to sing. It was amazing and powerful. I thought I’d seen this young singer before. Later on I found out that it was Melanie McCabe, the X-Factor contestant and finalist.  The singing was very impressive.
The ceremony was just beautiful, with two readings, stunning singing, some tears and lots of smiles. After saying ‘I wiill’, Clare, Paul and the witnesses signed the important documents. We then took lots of photos of them inside and outside of Lothian Chambers. Family and friends group shots, the married couple’s portrait pictures and many natural, candid photos of them walking down the street. They chose one of the most atmospheric places for their afternoon drinks. Coming all the way from Ireland, Paul, Clare and the gathered family were excited to experience the beauty of the town’s hidden gems.  The Devil’s Advocate was just a perfect choice. The stylish bar and restaurant is tucked down Advoactes Close in an old and beautiful Victorian house.  After enjoying a few celebration drinks the whole party and I moved back to the gorgeous Dalhousie Castle for the Wedding Breakfast and the rest of celebrations. 
Dalhousie Castle offers a stunning scenery. I invited Clare and Paul to take a little walk around its grounds for some more couple’s photos. The laughs never ended. Great sense of humour, their natural inner beauty, kindness and amazing cooperation resulted with a great set of happy and natural photos. The wedding was just perfect. And I was so pleased they loved the photos too

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