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Dalhousie Castle – Michelle and Craig

Magical winter Dalhousie Castle Wedding Photography

Two nations, one love. This Dutch – Scottish destination wedding unfolded in this beautiful location just outside of Edinburgh. Dalhousie Castle, with its captivating allure and lavish atmosphere, is a true depiction of luxury. This unique location is surrounded by expansive wooded parkland and overlooking the scenic River Esk.

It offers a dreamy escape for couples seeking romance. This 13th century, known to be the oldest inhabited castle in Scotland, holds a rich history and offers a flawless retreat. While being only 8 miles away from the vibrant heart of Edinburgh, it also serves as the perfect base to venture into the bustling city. And for those looking for a tranquil oasis, the spa and impressive amenities of Dalhousie make it a destination in itself.

, Dalhousie Castle – Michelle and Craig

Engagement session at Dalhousie Castle

The tale of Michelle and Craig began right here. Culminating in a beautiful new chapter set against the backdrop of a 13th-century castle. Hailing from Copenhagen, Michelle, and the true Scotsman, Craig, ventured to this historic site a few months before their February wedding.

Their visit included a delightful food tasting, a castle tour and a pre-wedding photoshoot. It was adorned with festive Christmas decorations, cast a magical spell, creating the perfect ambiance for this special occasion.

Meeting and capturing moments before the big day is always a treat. The engagement session, set against the backdrop of a beautifully decorated castle, is a wonderful practice before the actual wedding photography. It captures the essence of those moments when they were still ‘going out’ – a collection of timeless photographs that will forever hold the magic of their pre-wedded bliss.

, Dalhousie Castle – Michelle and Craig

Winter wedding in a Scottish Castle

February brought with it an unexpectedly glorious day for Michelle and Craig. Forget the typical chilly, grey vibes – this day was all about a bright blue sky and an abundance of sunshine, defying the usual February expectations. It was chilly, but the crisp air carried a sense of positivity that warmed everyone present.

The ceremony unfolded in the enchanting atmosphere of the castle chapel, setting the tone for the day’s magic. The drinks reception was a lively affair, transitioning seamlessly from the castle’s foyer to the great outdoors. Catching the opportunity presented by the rare weather, we decided to capture all the formal photographs just in front of the castle.

The light, playing its part perfectly, bathed the scenes in a soft, golden glow, enhancing the already magical atmosphere. And speaking of moods, they were nothing short of incredible. The combination of perfect lighting and joyous spirits created a day that surpassed all expectations – a February celebration bathed in warmth, both in temperature and in the hearts of all who attended.

, Dalhousie Castle – Michelle and Craig

The talented Scottish Wedding Suppliers

Dalhousie Castle was decorated beautifully with flowers that day. The wedding bouquets and chapel décor was perfectioned by The Stockbridge Flower Company. The bride and bridesmaids were beautified by the talented team at Belle Bridal Hair and Beauty.

, Dalhousie Castle – Michelle and Craig

The rest is history

Michelle and Craig had a wonderful day at this beautiful Scottish Castle. They then chose a wedding album that was send to them back home in The Netherlands.

“Hi Justina, 

Just wanted to let you know that we received the photobook in the case with the stick (see attached photo). It all arrived in perfect condition. We couldn’t be happier with the results, thank you so much for all the work you put in. What a nice surprise to see the enclosed pictures!”

, Dalhousie Castle – Michelle and Craig

Happy Clients!

We are very happy. Thank you so much! 

All the best, 

Craig and Michelle Aitken 

, Dalhousie Castle – Michelle and Craig

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