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Branxholm Park Luxury Wedding Venue – Hannah & Andrew

Huge ‘YES’ to engagement sessions!

Have we spoken of the importance of engagement and pre-wedding sessions? Probably at least a thousand times and more. Hannah and Andrew decided to have their engagement session before their dream wedding at Branxholm Park Luxury Wedding Venue later that summer. They chose the beautiful Lauriston Castle’s grounds for our meet up. It was a quiet, sunny evening back in May. The location was important for them. It’s where the first walks happened and lovely memories were made.

Pre-wedding shoot and a meeting

It was also the first time I, as Hannah and Andrew’s wedding photographer, and them, as my couple, met. Having a great chat about their wedding day and seeing them glowing and being so excited about getting married in a few months was just wonderful. Those raw emotions and stunning surroundings of Lauriston castle were well captured on that beautiful evening.

The vital touches during the bridal preparations

This day was just perfect , Branxholm Park Luxury Wedding Venue – Hannah & Andrew I mean it was such a sunny and hot summer day, that I had to run back to the car and change my leather shoes to sandals! Well, at least that’s how I measure temperature. It was very warm!

The day started with the girls having their perfect make up and hair done. Lyn from Lyn McKenzie Make Up and Ali @idobridalhairedinburgh were just the perfect for this job. Hannah went for a very difficult to achieve a ‘no make up’ wedding make up a glowy finish and smoky eyes. She looked absolutely perfect!

, Branxholm Park Luxury Wedding Venue – Hannah & Andrew

Fabulous wedding day at the fabulous Branxholm Park

A perfect wedding venue, beautiful ceremony finished with the father of the groom’s lovely singing, sweet tune of the harp during the drinks reception, most delicious meal, emotional speeches, champagne pouring contest, bridesmaids’ fun guessing game, a change of bridal dresses…plus the weather couldn’t have been more beautiful. But as much as all of these are important, the most perfect were just them two together. They looked at each other at the top of the aisle and couldn’t stop smiling all they long.

Swiping right was right for them!

They met traditionally… swiped right and never looked back. Perfectly matched and, as they say, the rest is history. The only one thing to add is the amazing crew Hannah and Andrew chose to make their day a dream come true.

The traditional wedding ceremony was conducted by Humanist Fiona Flanagan.

Gorgeous flowers and décor were perfected by Partridge Blooms.

Creative videography by Thomas from White Tree Wedding Films.

Fabulous hair and make up by Lyn from Lyn McKenzie Make Up

Bridesmaids hair Ali from I Do Bridal Hair Edinburgh

Huge shout out to the stunning Branxholm Park Luxury Wedding Venue

, Branxholm Park Luxury Wedding Venue – Hannah & Andrew

Kind words an more…

It was a delight to work with Hannah and Andrew. A fun day filled with laughter, fun and joy. It was lovely to receive such kind words from them:

“Hi Justina,

Thank you so much for these! It’s wonderful to have a preview, the photos you’ve shared are so lovely (and we can’t believe this is just a preview)!”

, Branxholm Park Luxury Wedding Venue – Hannah & Andrew
, Branxholm Park Luxury Wedding Venue – Hannah & Andrew


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