Borthwick Castle Wedding Photography

Have a look at a recent example of Borthwick Castle wedding photography at the marriage of Talia and Nathan.

Weddings in the atmospheric Borthwick Castle are always a great success. Talia and Nathan’s wedding was no different. They came all the way from the sunny Los Angeles to tie the knot in the country of Talia’s ancestors.

A childhood dream fulfilled

It wasn’t the bride’s first time in Scotland. She came here for the first time when she was just a teenager. Her dad took her to the most amazing places around Scotland and she fell in love with this beautiful land instantly. At that time, she already knew that one day she would be back. She dreamed of a traditional Scottish wedding in of the most majestic Scottish places. Borthwick Castle is definitely one of them!

There’s so much to tell about those two. They married in September 2019 after a 10 year relationship. First friends, then a couple, now husband and wife. Perfectly matched. Always happy.

They’re sweet and gorgeous, well known in the Hollywood movie world, yet modest and generous. They never stopped smiling, enjoyed every minute of their wedding.

The day started with a typical, Scottish weather: grey sky and cool breeze, but it soon turned to be a bright, sunny and beautiful day. During our formal photographs we took advantage of the lovely surroundings of the castle and shoot the couple’s and family photographs outside.

The Bride’s chosen style

Talia’s natural beauty didn’t need much preparations, but she had a bit of help with her hair and stunning make up from the talented ladies at Made up Edinburgh. She was wearing a beautiful headpiece, bracelet and earrings designed by Mordekai and the breath-taking dress was made by La Soie in Venice, California. For the ceremony Talia decided to surprise everyone and hired a white owl to bring the couple’s wedding bands. This was organised by Hoots owls. It was a jaw dropping stunt, but Talia (quite experienced with birds of prey) welcomed the owl with a huge smile!

The whole day was just magical. Most of their guests came all the way from USA and they truly enjoyed the historical surroundings and Scottish hospitality.

Borthwick Castle Wedding Photography – A look at the day:

  • Borthwick Castle Wedding Photography getting ready
  • Borthwick Castle Wedding Photography the bridal jewels
  • Borthwick Castle Wedding Photography before the meal
  • Borthwick Castle Wedding Photography the groomsmen
  • Borthwick Castle Wedding Photography morning bridesmaids
  • Borthwick Castle Wedding Photography the congregation
  • Borthwick Castle Wedding Photography wedding owl
  • Borthwick Castle Wedding Photography the ceremony
  • Borthwick Castle Wedding Photography the couple
  • Borthwick Castle Wedding Photography the brides family
  • Borthwick Castle Wedding Photography the couple
  • Borthwick Castle Wedding Photography the first dance

The evening entertainment was very traditional. They cut the cake with a sword and had a beautiful first dance. For their first song they chose the ‘Song to the Siren’ by This Mortal Coil! I was in love! This was my teenage years band and frankly I don’t know many people who know or listen to this band! Ah, it brought some memories back and brought this beautiful couple even closer to my heart.

It was an absolute privilege to meet and work with Talia, Nathan and their family and friends. For their honeymoon Talia and Nathan chose a little trip around Scotland. The typical Scottish rain, fog and wind never ruined their high spirits. I’m sure they’ll visit our bonnie Scotland soon!

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