Maryellen and Phil at Ghillie Dhu wedding

A stunning, alternative model, a loving groom and one of the most charismatic venues in Edinburgh… I knew from the start, it was the beginning of something beautifully unique… Ghillie Dhu wedding.

When I arrived at the bride’s house, the bridesmaids were ready. Maryellen, the bride, was having her make up done. The father of the bride was just about to arrive. The house was filled with a cheerful chatter, subtle rush and exciting sighs.  I took some photos of the meticulously organised chaos, bridal details and the dress. Everything became much more emotional when the father of the bride came in…

From getting the dress on, the group shots in front of the house,  we moved to the venue. I started with the traditional photos of the groom, his best man, arriving guests and the beautiful venue itself. The ceremony was just about to begin… The low light of the Auditorium, flickering candles, medieval chandeliers, quiet voices of the gathered, slightly impatient to see the bride wedding guests and the smell of freshly cut roses, filled the room with this amazing atmosphere. The atmosphere you can experience only once in your life…

The weather was just perfect. The day was just perfect. The wedding guests amazingly cheerful. The couple… so much in love… And I hope every day for Maryellen and Phil is as beautiful and special as their wadding day was. Have a little look what else happened that day.

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