Lauriston Castle Edinburgh Photography Session

Lauriston Castle Edinburgh Photography Session
Lauriston Castle is surely one of the places you have to visit being in or around Edinburgh. It’s the Capital’s pride and beauty. One of the most remarkable Edwardian interiors in Scotland. It has a fascinating history, hidden paths and staircases, its secrets and probably some ghosts too! Because, every respectable castle should have their own ghosts, isn’t right?

But for all the stories, I’m sending you directly to the Stuart of the castle, who with all his passion and knowledge will tell you all about it… just ask. However, before you head to the castle, check the website for opening and tours times here:, read our article for more information (only if you speak Polish;) here: and check the weather forecast here: Yes, weather is an important factor in planning a trip to Lauriston, as apart from visiting the beautiful Edwardian house, there’s plenty to see in the castle’s area. You’ll see the overwhelming view of the Cramond Island and get to walk through the castle’s Japanese and Italian gardens. Take your family, a little picnic, good mood and sit and enjoy the beauty and silence of the place.
Oh, before I let you see the gallery, one more anecdote about the castle. I’m reading this book, utterly leisurely, it’s about the well known physicist and cosmologist, Stephen Hawking and his family. These particular lines here are about Mr Hawking’s mum, Isobel Hawking. It reads:”…On her mother’s side, she claimed descent from John Law of Lauriston, who after bankrupting France in the seventeenth century took himself off to Louisiana.”* How fascinating! I wonder if Stephen Hawking has ever visited Lauriston! So now, have a look at our gallery and don’t delay your visit in this magical place any further!
Special thanks to Mr Michael Durnan, the Stewart of Lauriston Castle.

* “Travelling to Infinity: The True Story Behind the Theory of Everything” by Jane Hawking

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