Caroline The Violinist – Portfolio Photography

“You don’t have to be a professional to play music. Close your eyes, take a deep breath.. And let it out. Let the violin dance, the guitar fascinate, the flute sing, the piano composes. Just. Let. It. Go.”

I always wanted to play violin. My mum bought me an accordion instead! Such joy. They say mums always know better! But do they? I guess they do, I eventually started to like my old friend.

When Caroline told me about her passion and that she would like a few portfolio photos, I couldn’t be any happier. We met on a beautiful morning at her house. Over a cup of coffee she told me a fascinating story about her granddad’s violin. She continued the story: “…During the 2nd WW my grandparents’ house was bombed. During the bomb blast the violin was thrown in the air, wrapping itself in a curtain. Fire fighters saw this object bundled up and saved it thinking it was a baby!”.

What an experience it was to photograph this nearly one hundred years old violin! What an experience it was to listen to its music… Here’s some photos of Caroline in action…

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