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Kristina & Patrick – Lifestyle Maternity Session

Kristina and Patrick were expecting their first baby and got in touch with me for a lifestyle maternity session. It was about one month before the due date therefore we decided to quickly set up a date. As the maternity session happened to be before Christmas, the theme of the session was easily picked. 
It was a late morning when I arrived and met Kristina and Patrick. They were well prepared for our lifestyle maternity session and also for the arrival of the little human! Tastefully decorated home created a warm and festive feeling. 
The smell of cinnamon, oranges, Christmas tree, biscuits, freshly brewed green tea… The look of warm fairy lights, tiny cloths, first cuddly toys and this perfectly round baby bump… The touch of freshly washed cotton outfits, soft blankets, the feeling of nearly overwhelming excitement before the new and unknown… 
As they were taking me from room to room, they told me fascinating stories about themselves and their fairy tale wedding on a Greek beach. Dreamy memories of their happiest day to date took us to this sunny place again. But now, they were preparing for even happier event – the arrival of their first born child. 

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