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Mansfield Traquair Edinburgh Wedding – Bryony & Gareth

Mansfield Traquair Edinburgh Wedding Venue and Prestonfield House bridal preparations

This fabulous wedding day began at Prestonfield House and finished at the magical Mansfield Traquair Edinburgh Wedding. It revolved around not only beautiful dresses but also the enduring bonds of friendship, love, and commitment.

Bryony was fortunate to have a strong and supportive team with her, including her daughter, auntie, and best friends. Without them, the day wouldn’t have been the same. They formed ‘Team Bride’ and stood strongly by her side.

Mansfield Traquair Edinburgh Wedding: Upon their arrival at the venue, they found all the guests, the groom, and the groomsmen already inside the church. This stunning venue is famously known as ‘Edinburgh’s Sistine Chapel,’ boasting grand neo-Romanesque architecture and breathtaking murals by Phoebe Anna Traquair.

As the ceremony unfolded within the walls of this magnificent chapel, it became evident that this was no ordinary wedding. It was a celebration of love, friendship, and the enduring power of commitment. It was a day when fairy tales came to life, and dreams became reality.

Emotional ceremony amid the fairy lights at this unique venue

On this special day, they recited: ‘From this day forward, you shall not walk alone. My heart will be your shelter, and my arms will be your home’ as part of their heartfelt wedding vows. Their love for each other, nurtured over time, had led to this beautiful moment. It wasn’t just about their love story but also about the years of planning that had gone into it.

Their wedding plans were rescheduled a couple of times due to the pandemic, pushing their wedding date back by a couple of years. Finally, their dream became a reality, and they chose one of Edinburgh’s most breathtaking and unique venues.

Mansfield Traquair, once again, worked its magic. The wedding coordinator, Helen, and the incredible team behind the scenes ensured that the day was nothing short of perfection.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Bryony and Gareth for including us in their special day. You were both absolutely wonderful, and we were delighted to see that the gloomy weather forecast was proven wrong. The day was stunning, sunny, and warm. Bryony’s dress was simply to die for, and everyone had the most incredible time celebrating this beautiful union.

A day that was nothing short of magical at Mansfield Traquair

In the end, Bryony and Gareth’s fabulous at Mansfield Traquair wedding Edinburgh was not just a union of two souls but a testament to the strength of bonds forged through time. It was a reminder that love, when celebrated with the right people in the right place, can truly be a fairytale come true. And so, they lived happily ever after, surrounded by the memories of a day that was nothing short of magical.

Huge, huge congratulations to the beautiful Mr & Mrs! B&G Mansfield Traquair Edinburgh Wedding

Kind words and the beautiful couple’s testimonials:

“Hello Justina, the pictures are totally stunning! We cannot thank you enough! (…) Thank you so much (for the albums), we are so excited to relive our beautiful wedding all over again with your amazing photographs!”

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Wedding venue: Mansfield Traquair

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