Newborn lifestyle session Edinburgh

Florence – Family Lifestyle Session

I met Florence when she was still in Mummy’s tummy. What a perfect little baby bump it was! I was overwhelmed when this beautiful family asked me for a family lifestyle session.

I photographed the Mum when she was in her seventh month of pregnancy back in March. We couldn’t wait to meet their first baby girl. Florence was very lively even then, kicking mummy’s tummy all the way.

Florence was born in May. With her perfect weigh, perfect peachy cheeks and charming first smiles, she stole everybody’s hearts. I finally met Flo when she was eight weeks old, in the middle of July. She stole my heart too.

Becoming parents is like writing a new chapter in your own, very new book. You start to wright a new story but don’t quite know what the story will be about. You don’t get any instructions and most advice you get won’t help. Every parenting is different and so is every baby. You need to find out your own ways. That’s why the first moments are so important. First smiles, tears, touches, cuddles and kisses. And lots of them. Getting to know this new Person. Becoming a Family. Showing Her the world. The tiny pieces and the serious stuff. Worms and puddles, fields and rainbows…

During the session Florence was already showing us her own strong personality. She was very curious. With her big, bright eyes she was taking every single detail of our session in. They say ‘children are like sponges’. Yep. And surely she said ‘stop’ when she got tired!

I’m over the moon that the proud parents, Paulina and Chris chose to have a family lifestyle session with me. During our lifestyle sessions we observe and follow. Catch the first kisses, cuddles, smiles and tears. Capturing the real moment of the start of a new life.

I hope that Florence becomes a strong, curios and beautiful young lady.

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