Surprise Proposal and Engagement Session at Conic Hill, Loch Lomond

Surprise proposal and Engagement Session at Conic Hill, Loch Lomond – Edinburgh Wedding Photography
I love surprise proposal shoots. Unique and candid from start to finish. They’re always great.  But this one was absolutely epic. A bumpy trip with my amazing friend and second shooter to the covered in clouds, still beautiful Conic Hill at Loch Lomond. The wind, horizontal rain, walking up the hill fully geared… Legendary. But absolutely worth it. For the man who proposed to his girlfriend at the top of the hill. A surprise proposal shoot, a fiddle man and an engagement ring hidden in a piece of a beautifully carved wood.  
Yes, the secret shoots. The photographer normally stays hidden. The girl in question is normally relaxed, unaware of the seriousness of the situation. The man of the day is normally totally panicking. It was pretty much the same this time. Except, much more challenging, adventurous, soaking and muddy, but what fun! And yes, she said ‘Yes’!.
Robbie contacted me about a month before the big day.  He planned the day with the tiniest detail. It was a truly military operation. Step by step. That day. That hill. No matter what.
The secret violin player, my second shooter and I got to the top of Conic Hill about 15 minutes before the couple. We got into the best possible positions, waiting for the action to happen. Despite the rough weather, there was still a fair number of hill walkers passing us by. We were in the best possible spots, when we noticed the biggest and most colorful umbrella reaching the top of the hill.  My amazing second shooter was facing Robbie, I was getting the best of Jess’ expressions. Surprise, smiles, tears, smiles again… A number of emotions appeared on Her face, when He popped the question. But we already know what the answer was!
The weather was making its own, pretty loud noises, but you could still hear the gentle, beautiful violin tune coming out from the nearest bushes. Jess couldn’t stop laughing, crying, laughing again. The happiness, the surprise, some random to her people (us) taking pictures, the mixture of emotions seemed to be overwhelming. As you would expect it to be. What’s going on?…  Everything started to make sense to Jess after a few of minutes. The rain didn’t stop for a second, the wind seemed much stronger than at the beginning of this hill walking adventure. We stopped to take a few more pictures and started descending, still stopping occasionally at their favourite spots.

Shooting on a rainy, rainy day with exceptionally strong winds and moody light isn’t easy. But it’s so special, very special. To the couple mostly, but it was also special to me. Proposals are very intimate and private occasions and I’m always delighted to be able to document the special moments for my clients.
Here’s some of what the couple said about the photos:
Jess PribushLoveee this one! 🙂 Can’t wait to see them all – thanks so much for braving the terrible weather for us. It was an epic day!! (a Facebook post comment)

“Hi Justyna
The photos are AWESOME!! We love them so much. We just arrived in London for our connecting flight so we could only look at them on Jess’s IPhone. But we’re very happy with them. We’re both sitting at the airport smiling ear to ear! So nice to see the whole moment again! And the style is amazing.
Thank you so much again for everything, and for going that extra mile for us with the quick turnaround and extra photos. We really appreciate it and will definitely be recommending you to all our friends.
Jess is planning on putting up an album to Facebook and we’ll both be instagraming a few so we’ll be sure to tag you in any posts!”
An absolutely amazing day! 
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