Mayur and Arti – Secret proposal Edinburgh

Secret proposal Edinburgh
Mayur planned everything in detail. They’re from London, he chose a photographer from Edinburgh and a guitarist from Yorkshire. For the proposal location, he picked one of the most beautiful places in the world – Edinburgh. He knows how to propose in style!

It all starts in Edinburgh. For Mayur and Arti, this little, romantic trip to Edinburgh will always be special. They flew from London to Edinburgh on a misty, December morning. A few mornings before Christmas. They went for a romantic walk down Royal Mile and to Holyrood Park. He had his special lanterns, which he wanted to use before proposing. As previously agreed, the guitarist and I would be waiting for them at the ruins of an old chapel, on a little hill in Holyrood Park. Hiding in the bushes, I documented the special event. Due to high winds, the lanterns didn’t work, but Mayur and Arti never stopped smiling. Surrounded by a bit suspicious tourists, they carried on with a little walk around. It wasn’t just a ‘little walk’ around for Mayur. He was looking for the perfect spot to propose. Leon started to play “We were just kids when we fell in love”, went a bit closer. She looked. She knew. A group of eager tourists started to record the happening. Another group stopped to watch… The rest is history…
She loved that song. She loved the fact that Mayur organised everything so well and kept it a secret. She loved the fact that he hired a professional photographer. She loved the whole thing and obviously said ‘yes’. Have a look at this beautifully planned secret proposal. After all, it all starts in Edinburgh…

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