Stephanie and Brant – Scottish Photo Session

What would you like to do on your 30th birthday? Traveling somewhere nice would definitely be one of the first answers for many of us. Having a Scottish photo session would probably the other answer. It was also Stephanie and Brant’s idea! They came to Edinburgh all the way from New Jersey to spend this special time in this very special place. It fact, it was a well-thought-out plan. Visiting Scotland meant for Brant going back to his Scottish roots. Although Stephanie was definitely the one responsible for a bit of surprise planning. 

For their photography session they chose one of the most recognizable landmarks of Edinburgh – the ruins of St Anthony’s Chapel with its spectacular views of Edinburgh and the stunning area around it. This place is stunning no matter the weather or season. Spectacular with a bit of sunshine or beautifully moody covered in mist.  

The day we met was bright, most importantly, it wasn’t raining! We walked, we climbed, they laughed, kissed and hugged. Everything was so natural. Love and happiness told them what to do and I was most happy to catch those precious moments of happiness for them.  You can read from their honest and smiley expressions how happy they were and what a special day it was for both of them. It was a pleasure for me to meet such a friendly and open people and listen to all their stories. I was delighted to able to capture a bit of Brant’s birthday trip which will now be saved not only in their memories but also in the collection of photographs they received afterwards.

Stephanie is also a successful blogger. She photographs and writes about her travels and adventures. I’m absolutely delighted and honoured to see my images in one of Steph’s blogs! Make sure you have a glimpse here and follow Stephanie for more! 

Here are some kind words from Steph and Brant after our very relaxed and adventurous shoot: “If you are traveling to Edinburgh and need a lifestyle photographer, please consider @iris_art_photography. I cannot stress how amazing she is. Justina is kind and responsive and most of all so very accommodating. She went out of her way for us and has been so sweet to share a preview of our photos (literally just days after our shoot). Thanks again Justina! We can’t wait to see you and your family on our side of the pond!” 

I can’t wait to see you over at your side and shoot again too! 

For more about our wedding and sessions packages, please contact me here.

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