Surprise proposal Edinburgh castle

Iris Art Photography – National Museum of Scotland Surprise Proposal Edinburgh

National Museum of Scotland Surprise Proposal Edinburgh – Documentary Wedding Photographer 
He got down on one knee and asked the question. She couldn’t believe it. Didn’t say ‘yes’ right away… Enjoyed. Every. Second. Of. It.
Have I ever mentioned that surprise proposals are amongst my favorites? Probably a thousand times, didn’t I? And they still are! When Priyesh first got in touch and told me ‘their story’, I couldn’t wait for the date to come. They both came from London for a little trip during the school holidays. Jayna is a history teacher and Priyesh chose the best location for the proposal. It all happened two days after the Valentines day, on a very moody, rainy and windy morning at the National Museum of Scotland.

I got to the Roof Terrace of the National Museum of Scotland in the heart of Edinburgh about half an hour before the time. I quickly set up my cameras and started to look for the best spot to shoot. There were a few tourists up there already, braving the weather with me.
Finally I spotted a couple taking selfies with Edinburgh Castle in the background. Priyesh saw me and started to look for some nice spot to pop the question. First he took out his mobile phone and asked Jayna to listen to his pre-recorded message. I started to take pictures of Jeyna. She became more and more emotional. Everything changed quickly after that. Jayna looked at him in a very serious and suspicious way. Then back at the phone, shed a tear or two, back at Him. She sensed what’s going on. He started to go through his pockets looking for something. The ring. Just a split second for all of it, but now, looking through the photos, it was a historical moment.
Priyesh got down on one knee and asked the question. She couldn’t believe it. Enjoyed the moment so much. Didn’t say ‘yes’ right away. She was too happy to say anything. She wanted the moment to last. The onlookers held their breaths. Is she going to say ‘yes’? I kept shooting. People still weren’t breathing. Somebody fainted (no, not really, it’s just me taking it too far). After a very short while of crying, smiling and nearly jumping of excitement, she said ‘yes’. Relief. I can now go and introduce myself. Jayna couldn’t hide her emotions. She couldn’t believe Priyesh hired a professional photographer. And I think, she was grateful for that too.

After a huge round of applause from all the gathered tourists, we took a short walk in and outside of the Museum for some more engagement photos. The photos have now been delivered and seen by the couple and I received this beautiful email from Jayna and Priyesh “The DVD came through on Friday and we absolutely love it! Thank you for your all your assistance in making this happen and for the great photos.”

If you’re planning to propose in Edinburgh, it’s a great idea to hire an Edinburgh wedding photographer. Proposing takes just a split of a second, but will be treasured for ever if photographed by a professional photographer. With enquiries please contact us here


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