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Royal College Of Physicians Edinburgh – Edinburgh Wedding Sahzya & David

Royal College Of Physicians Edinburgh – a union of two cultures – Asian and Scottish wedding

Love has a way of surprising us when we least anticipate it, appearing in the most remarkable and unexpected places. This beautiful phenomenon unfolded in the lives of Shahzya and David, two extraordinary individuals whose paths intersected through the captivating dance of fate. What wasn’t a mere coincidence was the meticulous planning of their wedding, a celebration bursting with colors and captivating beauty that embraced the cherished customs of two distinct cultures.

, Royal College Of Physicians Edinburgh – Edinburgh Wedding Sahzya & David

Engagement session on the windy Blackford Hill

An engagement session was a must have for Shahzya and David. They said they didn’t feel to comfortable in front of the camera and requested a little ‘practice run’. Pre-wedding sessions are wonderful and beneficial. On the wedding day we had a confident and smiley couple. The engagement session on the top of Blackford Hill itself was filled with delightful moments. Their infectious smiles that could light up a room, the heartwarming cuddles they shared, and the endearing stories of their enchanting first date and the emotionally charged proposal. Our walk included a sprinkle of rain, a touch of sunshine, and culminated in a spectacular rainbow, brimming with hope and beauty, under which they joyfully danced, their hearts entwined.

Royal College of Physicians in the heart Edinburgh

Their wedding venue choice fell upon the exquisite Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh, a centrally located venue adorned with timeless elegance and steeped in the captivating charm of Scottish tradition. Here, David could raise a toast with his cherished whisky, his heart brimming with joy, as the ceremony unfolded. The backdrop of the library, adorned with ancient medical books, proved to be a perfect sanctuary for Shahzya, a doctor herself, who found solace in every step she took through the corridors, immersed in the rich meaning and historical significance that filled the air. And finally, as she walked towards her soulmate, she knew in her heart that this was the moment she had been waiting for—a moment filled with profound love and devotion—where she could wholeheartedly say, “Yes, I do.”

, Royal College Of Physicians Edinburgh – Edinburgh Wedding Sahzya & David

Vibrant and colourful wedding of two cultures: Asian and Scottish heritage

Their wedding was a burst of vibrant colors and cultural fusion. It was a celebration that seamlessly intertwined two rich traditions into a tapestry of beauty and joy. The venue came alive with an explosion of colorful floral decorations, with wild leaves adding a touch of whimsy. And oh, the cake! Shahzya couldn’t help but proclaim it as the most breathtaking cake she had ever laid eyes on.

Traditional Bengali dresses and that fine Scottish kilt

The bride, radiant and captivating, graced the occasion in a traditional red lehenga dress, while her bridesmaids exuded the same captivating Bengali aesthetic. Walking through the streets, they turned heads and left a trail of wonderment in their wake. And there was David, proud and dashing in his kilt, perfectly contrasting the scene and forming the most delightful combination.

Tie the Knot feature

Their wedding was so extraordinary and unforgettable that it caught the attention of “Tie the Knot,” one of Scotland’s biggest wedding magazines, which dedicated a special feature to honor this incredible couple.

But it’s all about that first dance!

And let’s not forget their special dance! They threw aside all formalities and protocols, simply letting go and revelling in the sheer joy of life. It was a sight to behold, a true embodiment of happiness and uninhibited fun. Laughter filled the air, jokes were shared, and funny moments created an atmosphere brimming with joy. Surrounded by their loved ones, Shahzya and David radiated positive energy and embraced the true essence of celebration. Can we say ‘the rest is history?’. Let’s see the story from the very beginning…

Royal College Of Physicians Edinburgh

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