Ruben and Oliver – Family Lifestyle Session

Ruben and Oliver during our amazing Christmas Family Lifestyle Session.
It’s the biggest pleasure when your old clients invite you over and over again into their houses and into their lives. I first met Oliver and Ruben when they were very little. Ruben was only a new-born baby and Oliver was a lively toddler. Our initial new-born session quickly transformed into a fully blown toddler’s portrait session.  That was back in 2015.  Now the same family invited me again to take some Christmas pictures of them decorating their Christmas tree.
Putting a Christmas tree up is always a special thing. It’s even bigger for families with small children. We had lots of giggles. When the boys got tired of putting the bubbles and chains up, they had a little Christmas picnic. What’s better than gingerbread cookies and milk? Really can’t think of anything!
We had snow, we had sparkles, we had fairy lights, we had candles, we had laughs and quiet moments. But one of the best things we had, was this little baby, still in the Mum’s tummy, being a big part of it. Ruben and Oliver’s little sister was due in a month time.  A little Christmas Baby. We took a few moments to photograph the cute, little bump too.
We finished after around an hour. The room looked amazing. Beautifully decorated, warm and Christmassy.  The only downside was for daddy to hoover our fake snow, which was one of the best things the thoughtful and fun parents could have brought into our shoot! Hope you had a great Christmas!


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