“I promise from this day forward, you shall not walk alone. May my heart be your shelter, and my arms be your home”…

Despite being very similar in structure, every wedding is different. There are the intimate ones, the big fat Greek ones and the ones in between. There are weddings bright and airy and these in atmospheric, low light venues. The low-key ones and the dream weddings. No matter what wedding you’re planning, our goal is one: we want to create a beautiful story out of your day. A story you’d like to remember. A story you will tell your children and grandchildren flicking the pages of your album. Our wedding photographer in Edinburgh & Glasgow aims to give you photographs that will bring you joy to look over now and in the future.

What can you expect from me on the day is catching the most tender moments, the funny outbursts, the cuteness in a child’s face, the unreserved smiles, the moments fraught with emotion, people’s anticipation, the happiness and all the special feelings that come with a wedding day. What else: candid, informal, formal, relaxed, posed, unware, demure, silly … all of it really…. Why wait?

Iris Art Photography is a local based photographer covering Edinburgh & Glasgow. Please call on 07871575430 or drop me a line at irisartphotography.uk@gmail.com.  We are committed to delivering the quality and precision you seek from a reputable wedding photographer in Edinburgh.

Wedding Photography Packages in Edinburgh & Glasgow

Since every wedding is unique and so are the requirements, we offer wedding photography packages tailored to our clients’ individual needs. For most people, wedding is once in a lifetime event, which means you won’t get another chance to make this day special and memorable. Therefore, a professional photography agency should be your pick for the day, and who else than Iris Art Photography would serve the purpose better? As challenging as it can get, our photographers never fail to capture those beautiful moments, which are full of emotions and those you will smile at while leafing through your wedding album, many years down the line.