Donna and Steven – Sherbrooke Castle Hotel Wedding

Sherbrooke Castle Hotel Wedding

Sherbrooke Castle Hotel Wedding

It was a stunning fairy-tale Sherbrooke Castle Hotel Wedding of Donna and Steven! The day was sunny and breezy. Just perfect for a perfect wedding day. 
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Emma and Dale – Pentland Hills Engagement Session

Pentland Hills Engagement Session

Pentland Hills engagement session on a glorious spring evening was the best decision ever made. It was a spontaneous one too. The original date for our engagement session was different, however neither of us wanted the beautiful sunset slip away.  Read more

Sophie and Paul – The Principal Blythswood Square Hotel

Principal Blythswood Square Hotel

The Principal Blythswood Square Hotel

Sophie and Paul had a wonderful wedding day. For their ceremony and reception they chose one of the most stunning hotels in Glasgow, The Principal Blythswood Square Hotel. Read more

Sarah and Adam – Lodge on Loch Goil Wedding

Lodge on lochoil wedding

Who wouldn’t like a tree house wedding? Sarah and Adam’s stunning Lodge on Loch Goil wedding was more than magical. There’s just one word to describe their day: “breath-taking”. From start to finish, every single minute was special. The stunning couple, their two sweet little girls (Emma totally stole the show!), the outstanding venue, the dreamy tree… Every girl and boy’s dream come true.  A gentle drizzle and slow mist over the river added a lot of character to the amazing day. That weekend was so much and more!   Read more

Stephanie and Brant – Scottish Photo Session

Scottish photo session

What would you like to do on your 30th birthday? Traveling somewhere nice would definitely be one of the first answers for many of us. Having a Scottish photo session would probably the other answer. It was also Stephanie and Brant’s idea! They came to Edinburgh all the way from New Jersey to spend this special time in this very special place. It fact, it was a well-thought-out plan. Visiting Scotland meant for Brant going back to his Scottish roots. Although Stephanie was definitely the one responsible for a bit of surprise planning.  Read more

Clarissa and Sam – Traditional Scottish Wedding

traditional scottish wedding

Clarissa and Sam tied the knot on the last weekend of February. It was a traditional Scottish Wedding at its finest. The sun was lighting up the gardens beautifully and we just knew it was going to be a perfect wedding day.  Read more

Jessica and Adam – Pre-wedding session Cammo Estate

Pre-wedding session Cammo Estate

Jessica and Adam decided on a pre-wedding session in Cammo Estate. This is a very special place with a beautiful park and old ruins of Cammo House. The couple is getting married next month at the stunning Signet Library and this was just a perfect time to meet, chat and shoot. Read more

Cloie and Sam – Holyrood Park Engagement Session

Holyrood Park engagement session Edinburgh

Cloie and Sam got engaged in June, but they decided to have their engagement session taken in the autumn. As neither of them was from Edinburgh I suggested a few most attractive locations in the heart of Scotland. In the end, we decided to have a Holyrood Park engagement session.  Read more

Fiona and Iain – South Dalziel Historic Building Wedding

South Dalziel Historic Building Wedding

Fiona and Iain’s wedding day was just perfect. A beautiful end of the summer day, a bit rainy at the start but we knew it would become bright and warm later on. The couple chose the South Dalziel Historic Building wedding venue. The stunning building was quiet, nearly ready for the guests to arrive. Read more

Kavya and Kiran – Location Maternity Session

Sunset maternity session

Kavya’s location maternity session took place at the end of the summer. As Scottish weather is 100% unpredictable, you never know what it’s going to be like in a week time. Well, you don’t know what it’s going to be like in the next hour! Read more