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It was a very windy day. When you plan your wedding, you always worry about the weather. Especially, when you’re located in Edinburgh. But Susan and Ramsay were lucky. It was a lovely day. But windy. But after all, it’s always better to get wind than rain, right? So there. (You can tell, my glass is always half full.) Stunning wedding at Eskmills Venue.


I met Susan and Ramsay around a year ago. We met and went through some general details of the day. I knew it was going to start at a gorgeous, intimate cottage in East Lothian and that we’d then move into the beautiful Eskmills Venue.


I arrived at the Adniston Manor House just a few moments before the time. I quite like to have a good look around on the day, no matter of whether I’ve been there before or not.

I knocked at the door. Susan was getting ready; she was having her make up done. She looked stunning already. Surrounded by her make up and hairdressing crew and two beautiful braidsmaids, she was just glowing.


The dress was there too…  Pure, confident, proud… Waiting for its own moment. I love the morning rush, excitement, tears of joy and happiness….


After about 45 minutes of photographing the bridal preps, I moved to the main venue. Most of the wedding guests was already there. I found the groom and his best man and took them outside for a few pre-ceremony shots.


All was set. The guests were seated, as they should be. The groom was nervous, as he should be. The music man, fiddling with the machine, seemed to be confident with the musical choice. And then She arrived. Out of the sight of the excited wedding guests and the eager to see Her Groom. She looked like a dream. I took a few photos of the arriving bride, her bridesmaids and the bride with her son and run back to the other side of the venue, where the impatient groom was waiting.


As I mentioned, it was a windy but mild day. The couple decided to have their ceremony outside. Ramsay couldn’t hide his emotions.


The bride arrived, the ceremony started. There were laughs, tears, moments of silence and joy. They got married. Everybody cheered and clapped when they finally kissed. The rest history. You can see some of it from the pics below. We wish Susan and Ramsay the brightest possible future. I hope it’s always sunny and mild, like on your wedding day. And if there is a bit windy, I’m sure you’ll be able to walk through it together…

‘I still get butterflies even though I’ve seen you a hundred times’…

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