Emma and Mark – 2hrs wedding coverage


It was such a beautiful day for Emma and Mark. She comes from Edinburgh, but her studies and work took her away to England, where she met Mark. They chose one of the finest Edinburgh’s hotels for their short and intimate ceremony and dinner. The second part of their wedding celebration was to be taken down to London. They decided to choose my photography package 1, two hours photography coverage.



I arrived at the hotel around 45 minutes before the ceremony. Even though, it was the middle of the summer, all of us were dreading the rain. Mark left it for Emma to make the final decision of whether they would be getting married in or outside. She made the final decision and it surely was the right one.

When I saw Emma she was getting ready. I started taking pictures of what was happening around. The Bride, her Mother, Grandparents, Bride’s best friends, the florists and hairdressers, flowers, shoes, engagement ring, The Dress… Finally she was ready. Beautiful and subtle. The tear in her Mum’s eye. The joy in her friends voices. The emotions in her Grandparents hearts. The quiet, trembling voices between Her and her Father…A split of a second fulfilled with a volcano of emotions… I took lots of candid photos and a few staged ones for them to cherish in years time.

It was just a few moments before the ceremony, when I quickly decided to leave the Bride’s room and  go to find the Groom. ..



There had already been quite a gathering of the wedding guests in the hotel’s garden. Mark was busy meeting and greeting everybody. He seemed very happy, but a bit nervous too. Somehow, it’s common for grooms to be slightly more nervous than brides. Or maybe the brides can hide it better. But it’s always just the right amount of nervousness. Just enough to be rightly focused on what is to happen. I took a few photos of Mark in his natural gathering of friends and then a few photos of Mark himself and with his best men too. The rings, the buttonhole, smiles, funny faces, welcoming the guests, chairs, tables, vases… All set.

And there She came…


Somebody shed a tear. The harp went quiet.



It was a short but emotional ceremony. A few tears in their parents’ eyes, some laughs during their siblings readings, excitement during the vows… All accompanied by soft melodies played by the harpist and occasional squawks by the garden peacocks.


Here they were. Married. And so much better…



It was such a beautiful day for Emma and Mark.


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