Anna Kutera – a writer and poet


She called me because she needed a few new photos for her portfolio. “But I want them to be natural”, she added. She told me a little bit about herself and we agreed on a pre-shooting date. She was a writer and a poet. And even though she didn’t say much, I thought I’d known her for a long time. “What a beautiful person to photograph!”, I thought.


It was a rainy autumn day. I took her for a little walk. “Let’s go this way, I know a place that would be just perfect for our shoot”. We went to my friendly neighbour’s garden and I took a few shots her. Although, I had a well organised plan in my head, I wanted to keep it as natural as possible. We talked. She seemed to be quite relaxed, didn’t need many adjustments. Effortless… I thought I saw everything in her eyes… Love. Pain. Devotion. Bless. Beauty… A whimsical blend of emotions…


As we were finishing our shoot in this little, secret garden, a huge applause tumbled down from the top of the house across the street. It appeared that she was watched by a group of young builders the whole time. She waved and smiled bashfully.

We went back to the car and drove off to the castle. ‘You’re the queen of this place for today”, I said when we got there. She loved it. The park, the building, the staircase, the library… I took a few shots when She was working …


“What a beautiful person to photograph”, I thought.

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  1. Liza
    Liza says:

    I love to see the other sides of personality. In few shots you just show one person who is totally different. Just the eyes ,the look is the same.


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